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Wed, March 27th 2013

If you have a leaking water heater it can be a big problem depending on where the leak is and how severe is it. What repairs are required and should you replace it or repair it. Here are a few things you should consider about your water heater to help you determine what to do.

First step is to determine where the water is coming from. Look for leaks around all the fittings, also if you see rust spots around the top lid or base it’s a good indication that you may have a leak. If you find your water flexes loose or if you see water dripping from a connection, it can be fixed easily. Now if the leak is coming from internally of the water heater, the tank may have a crack in the tank which is a good sign that the water heater is bad and needs to be replaced.

Once you determine where the leak is, take one more step and make sure the pressure relief valve works by pulling up on the leaver water should come out then it should slam shut and not drip, turn off the water supply to your water heater, if you find that the valve won’t shut off you may need to turn the main water off to the house, now drain it down the rest of the way. (NOTE: Don’t drain your water heater in your grass or flowerbed because you will kill it being that your water is very hot) You should always turn the gas off and or disconnect the power from the water heater. We always recommend that you call a professional to work on any gas appliances or electric for your safety as well as your home. Next step is to turn off the breaker to the electric water heater.

Now connect a hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank and drain the remaining water. Once the tank is empty you can tighten your fittings. Please be advised the shut off valve may start leaking after it has been opened.

If it’s a fittings or valve problem, loosen the fittings that have been leaking and repair them by using Teflon tape and pipe dope as long as the threads are in good condition, now reconnect all the fittings and tighten down, don’t over tighten. If the pressure relief valve continued to drip or did not work after it was opened or did not open you will need to replace it at this time.

Before turning on the gas or electricity to your water heater, refill the water heater by turning on the water supply, and make sure you open your faucets to relive the air from the lines, once the water heater is filled check it for leaks. If no leaks were found your water heaters should be fine. Now you can relight the pilot and for your safety, please follow the manufactures instructions on relighting your water heater. If it’s electric you can turn the breaker back on or plug it in.

If your water heater continues to leak call the professional at Western Mechanical 505-341-4458 more than likely the glass inside the tank has cracked causing it to leak. The liner cannot be repaired so you will need to replace the water heater.