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Things you should know when replacing your Albuquerque Air Conditioning System

Friday April 5/2013

If you own an air conditioning system that is over ten years old should consider replacing it with a newer more efficient model. The older air conditioning units are very inefficient and maybe over sized for the needs of the home. Installing a newer more efficient air conditioning system will give you lower utility bills as well as comfort, not to mention the production of R-22 refrigerant is coming to an end, and any repairs that are needed are going to cost you more money!

There are many reasons why you should considered the installation of a new air conditioning system. Is your air conditioning system very loud when it’s running or turns on, does it cool evenly or as good as it did at one time, are your utility bills high? These are a sign that your air conditioning system isn’t working properly. Problems like this may require costly repairs bills and the amount of the repairs could be as close to cost of a new air conditioning system, something else you should consider is the money you would be saving on your utility bills each month.

When it comes to energy savings, you the homeowner should have an air conditioning system that operates at 13 SEER or higher. The term SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. If you look at the condenser and it says it’s a 12 SEER or lower this would be the time to consider a new air conditioning system. One thing to keep in mind, for every SEER you increase it’s a 10% savings on your utility cost.

It seem expensive, but replacing your old air conditioning system with a new one is a big decision that can help save you money for years to come. Remember that with any new air conditioning system maintenance is needed just like you would take care of your car. Maintaining your air conditioning system will ensure that it’s working properly and efficiently and continue to work for years to come!

Keep in mind when your replacing your old condenser the indoor evaporator coil needs to be changed as well or the new condenser that you just replaced will cost you more to operate! call the professionals at Western Mechanical and will explain why, So remember when the external unit is replaced it is highly recommended that you replace the indoor coil as well, so be sure to ask your HVAC contractor any questions that you may have about that old indoor unit. Again remember that old indoor coil can cause failures in your new outdoor condenser, which will be costly to repair. So make sure whatever equipment you buy is a matched up with the same brand of equipment! Call Western Mechanical Heating & A/C at 505-341-4458 and let us help you choose the best equipment for your home.