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Can I Get By with My Heater for Another Heating Season?

Can I get through another heating season with my current heater? It all depends on why you’re thinking about it in the first place. You may have to replace it because your heater maybe an old system that has already exceeded its expected service life. It’s starting to perform inefficiently, increasing your heating bills. It seems to be running more often. Or perhaps your heating system has required more and more repairs to keep running. Is it time for you to replace it?

Today’s heating systems are built better and more efficient, but no manufacturer has yet created the ultimate perfect heating system. At some point you will need a new furnace, package unit or heat pump. The question you face is when, “And has that time already arrived?”

Let’s look at some of the possibilities to see if your heating system will get through another season (and maybe a few more after that), or if you need to contact Western Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning to discuss replacement possibilities or other heating services in the New Mexico area.

First: let’s look at the age of the heating system: Although heaters can exceed their life expectancy with proper maintenance, you should still have a professional inspection when they reach 5-10 years or older. The U.S. Department of Energy advises an inspection when your heater is 15 years old and 10 years for heat pumps, to see if it’s still operating efficiently.

Second: repairs needed. The more repairs your heating system requires during the year, the more likely it is to break down during the time you need it the most. If you weigh your repair costs and the efficiency of your old system against the price of a newer and more efficient heating system, the best option would be to replace it.

Third higher bills/poor performance: If your heating system seems unable to keep up with our winter conditions, and also costs more to run, you should take the safe route this winter season and have it replaced. Dealing with the extra utility cost and inefficient equipment for a whole season is a needless expense.

Schedule an appointment with a professional at Western Mechanical heating & A/C, Let one of our service technicians perform a full heating service. This will give you a better piece of mind and answer to your questions about whether your heating system will make it through the winter. Our technicians will also offer suggestions on what type of heating system will work best for you and your home.

Western Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning has many years of experience to determine if you need a new heating system or just a minor repair. Call us now so you and your heater are prepared.