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HVAC Conversions for Home or Business

You do not have to settle for mediocre performance from your current heating or cooling system or high energy costs. Western Mechanical can help you improve your indoor comfort and boost energy efficiency with HVAC system conversions.

HVAC Conversions for Convenience

Evaporative cooling systems are economical, but swamp coolers may not achieve the indoor temperatures you prefer, and seasonal maintenance can be a hassle. Western Mechanical can help you select, install and maintain a refrigerated air conditioning system, giving you the convenience of flipping a switch to maintain your home’s or business’ indoor climate.

HVAC Conversions for Cost Savings

Advances in HVAC technology can help you save money on your monthly utility bill. Consider the following conversions:

From Stand-Alone to Tankless Water Heaters
Tankless water heaters can reduce water heating costs by up to 50%! Also, with a tankless hot water heater, you get hot water on demand. You never risk a cold shower, and these systems save space and have a long life (average 20-year service life).

From Standard Packaging to Duel Fuel Heating
Duel fuel heating uses both electricity and gas to more economically provide heat. Depending on the outside temperature, the system automatically switches from an electric heat pump to a gas furnace to maintain a consistent temperature.

From Electric to Solar/Geothermal Energy
Using renewable energy sources is better for the environment and reduces your monthly utility bill. Converting to solar or geothermal energy also allows you to cash in on federal and state tax credits.

HVAC system conversions take some planning. The knowledgeable technicians at Western Mechanical can help you understand the process and select the heating and/or cooling system that best meets your needs for energy efficiency and performance.

Start Your HVAC Conversion

Contact Western Mechanical today to get started on your heating and/or cooling system conversion. Our technicians are trained and experienced on the latest HVAC technology, and we carry top-quality brands of all types of heating and cooling systems. We provide quality installation and maintenance service and stand behind our work with a worry-free warranty.

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