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Forced Air Heater Systems

No one wants the awful surprise of entering a cold residence or commercial space only to find out that the forced air heating system has failed. At Western Mechanical, our quick response time and friendly, affordable crew will repair or install your heating/cooling system to ensure your satisfied comfort.

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What Is Forced Air Heating?

Forced air heating systems are the most common type of heating systems in North America.  It uses air as its heat medium and relies on vents and ductwork to transfer the air to the appropriate room. Air will return through the vents and be carried back to a central unit enabling a pleasant flow of your desired air temperature all controlled by a thermostat. It uses filters, a boiler, coils, blower, heat exchanger/element/coil, and various controls to keep your forced air heating unit functioning properly.

Albuquerque’s Heating Professionals

We understand that not all heating systems are forced air heating. We offer exceptional quality repairs, installation and retrofitting on other types of heating units such as heat pumps, electric heat and hydronics, as well as electric and gas furnaces. Our upfront pricing will give you confidence that you will not incur unexpected charges when you receive our bill. It is our goal to remedy your heating emergency to provide you with a relaxed and stress free environment.

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