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The most advanced and finely-tuned furnace can generate noise. A furnace that heats your home will create steady and recognizable sounds such as the inducer motor, blower motor and in-shot burners. But this is only during normal operation, the sound of a furnace or heat pump shouldn’t be too distracting or noticeable. If you have loud air noise from your return air grill it may be due to it being under sized. If your heater starts producing loud sounds then it’s something you should pay attention to. It might only be a minor noise that will soon stop, but it could also turn into a major issue that might lead to it breaking down. Find out if the loud noise means your heater requires professional service.

Here are a few reasons your heater might make unpleasant loud noises. For expert advice and the repairs that should be done, look to Western Mechanical’s heating & Air conditioning repair specialists.

Gas leaks: This is the most serious problem a gas furnace can encounter, and you should schedule repair immediately if it happens. A loud noise that might warn about a gas leak is a sound of small explosion inside the furnace cabinet, which can indicate cracks within the heat exchanger, delayed ignition. If you hear this sound and can smell gas, shut off the gas immediately and call an HVAC professional. Please don’t try to fix this problem yourself.

Wear and tear on the motors: If your furnace or heat pump makes a loud noise or it making your equipment rattle and wobble when it starts up, then the trouble may be in the motor itself, or it may be out of balance, or they are on the verge of burning out.

Cracked belts: A belt on a blower motor can become cracked or loose, this can lead to extensive damage to your heating and cooling system if it isn’t repaired. The sounds associated with this problem are loud squealing noise or even a thumping sound. I know your thinking anyone can change a belt, and you can. But there is more to it than just changing the belt, a belt in a furnace or heat pump is a different matter and you should only let someone that is familiar with heating & air conditioning service handle it.

Dirty burners: If the burners inside a furnace or package unit become dirty with spider webs, mice like to build their nest inside where it’s nice and warm, weeds and grass may also cause problems. So if you hear a loud boom or it just blows cold air. But this sound might also indicate a problem with your gas valve, don’t attempt to remove and clean the burners yourself.

In general, you should not open the cabinet of a gas furnace or package to inspect or repair a noise issue or problem. Tampering with any gas appliance can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide exposure, even fire. Although heat pumps don’t pose any gas leak threats, they are very complex equipment that might suffer further damage from inexperienced attempts to repair them. If your heating system starts making unusual sounds you can’t diagnose it, it’s time to get help. Turns to the company people have trusted since 1995 for all their heating repairs, Western Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning.