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Start your Heating Season on the Right Foot this winter

Monday, September 30th, 2013

In New Mexico heating plays a vital role in maintaining your comfort levels. We don’t have the icy cold winters of the Upper Midwest and East Coast, but our cold weather makes for its share of chilly winter nights. A reliable, efficient furnace can make for a warm and cozy home when the cold weather blows in. The last thing you want to deal with is problems with your heating system when you need it the most. A little pre-planning can prevent a lot of problems before they start. Here’s 3 ways you can start the heating season on the right foot.

Take a few basic steps. A few simple things can improve your furnace’s efficiency and lower your heating bills. Set your thermostat a few degrees lower at night and during the day when you go to work. You won’t notice it’s a few degrees cooler inside when the temperatures outside are cooler. Make sure to check your doors and windows for leaks and seal them if possible, this will help prevent the warm air from escaping your home. Consider wearing warmer clothes such as sweaters and sweatshirts around the house, this will also let you keep the temperature a few degrees cooler with your home as well. Make sure to schedule routine maintenance and service. Fall is the ideal time for Western Mechanical to go over your heating system and perform the regular service: we’ll go through and tighten any loose bolts and screws, quote and replace any worn parts, identify any potential problem areas before they get out of hand.

Consider upgrading that old furnace or boiler. Your furnace or boiler may be working just fine, but you may want to consider a new, more efficient heating system to help make your fall and winter more comfortable and put some money back in Digital Thermostat Albuquerqueyour pocket for the holidays and years to come. If your heating equipment uses an older thermostat, you should replace it with a digital thermostat, this will allow you to lower the heat automatically when you go to work and warm back up before you get home. You may want to consider a zone control system, thus allowing you to turn on heat to individual parts of the house while leaving the remainder of the house untouched.

Regardless of your heating needs, the professionals at Western Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning can help you start the heating season on the right foot. We’re locally owned and operated so we understand and care about your home and family’s heating needs; we’re also dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Call Western Mechanical’s heating technicians today, and let us help you get ready for the cold winter weather.