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Radiant Heating in Albuquerque New Mexico

Albuquerque New Mexico Radiant Heating

Radiant heat is a way of heating a home, in a similar way the earth is heated by the sun.  This system does not require any ductwork or vents. The only equipment required to have a radiant system installed is a Boiler, tubing in the floors or baseboards along the walls. Radiant has several benefits especially when compared to forced air heating systems.

Radiant Heating System in New Mexico
A radiant heating system is a cleaner way to heat your home. There are no blowers, you will not have any dirt, dust, pet dander, bugs, viruses, pushing its way into your home through the heating system.

Comfort in the Home of New Mexico
The main purpose of any heating system is to create a comfortable environment for your family and your home. Radiant heating will do that because of the way it works. Radiant heat heats up the room by allowing objects within the room to absorb the heat. When heat is absorbed, less heat from your body is needed to warm the objects around you.

Efficiency in the Comfort of your Home
Since radiant heating operates on the same principles of the earth being heated by the sun, less energy is used than conventional heating systems. Your heating bill will be slashed by up to 40 percent.

The Perfect room Temperature
There have been studies done to determine what temperature people find a room comfortable, and the results show people can feel the same level of comfort at a lower temperature being heated by Boiler. With the temperature six to eight degrees lower people felt comfortable in the room. To feel the same comfort with a forced air heating system, they needed a higher temperature. Forced air heating would leave hot and cold spots making it harder to get evenly heated rooms.

With a forced air heating system, sinuses and breathing passages become dried out. This can makes you more susceptible to infections. Because radiant heating works on a similar basis as the earth being heated by the sun, the problem of breathing drier air is not a problem.

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