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Heater & Air Conditioner Replacement

To Repair or Replace?

Since furnaces and air conditioners are mechanical devices, they eventually require replacement regardless of how well they have been maintained. Particularly in instances where the equipment is 10 years or older, repeated failures can be costly and ultimately lead to health and safety issues. Older standing-pilot gas furnaces can develop cracked heat exchangers and leak poisonous carbon monoxide that can be potentially fatal. Any unit diagnosed with this condition should be immediately replaced.

Albuquerque Heater & Cooling Equipment Replacement

In addition to air conditioner and heating replacements, Western Mechanical offers a wide array of equipment replacement alternatives including:

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Our technicians will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your system, your needs and your budget before recommending a solution for you. Whether you need to replace an entire unit or just need to replace some parts, you can count on us for reliable, quality and honest work.

Understanding SEER Ratings

Modern air conditioning equipment must meet a federal requirement of at least 13 SEER. The SEER rating is a measurement adopted by the Department of Energy to provide consumers with a way to compare the efficiency of different brands and models. Replacing an obsolete condensing unit with a new high SEER rated system can provide a very short payback on your initial investment. In fact, a new 13 SEER unit can save up to 30% on monthly cooling costs when compared to a 10 SEER system installed in the 1990s.

A properly maintained heating and cooling system plays a vital role in providing a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient indoor environment for homes and businesses. Before investing in a new heater or air conditioner, it is important to understand the relative value of each brand and model of equipment.

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With Western Mechanical, your new furnace and air conditioning replacements will be protected long after the installation is completed. This includes a 2-year parts and labor warranty in addition to the factory warranty. Comprehensive maintenance agreements also help ensure that your new equipment will continue to operate efficiently and reliably for many heating and cooling seasons to come.