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Time for you to Retire your Air Conditioning System

July 18th, 2013

As one of the leading air conditioning contractors in Albuquerque we understand how difficult it may be to know when it’s time to replace your air conditioning system. For many homeowners, it’s a tough decision to make, it’s always best to consult with a reputable company before you rush into any decisions. There are many things to consider, starting with the age of your equipment and how efficient your air conditioning system is, to how often you have to repair your system. Western Mechanical is here to help. Call Western Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning for all of your AC needs, whether repair or replacement.

Let’s look at the question of replacement of Your Air Conditioning System  in more detail.

Air Conditioning unit with lots of repairsFIRST do you pay for frequent repairs? One reason you would consider replacing your air conditioning system is frequent repairs, so if you feel you’re seeing too much of your technician, you may want to consider replacing your existing system rather than continue to throw your money away. The reasoning is principally financial. While it may be possible to continue repairing your AC for another few years, is it really worth paying to repair that old or troublesome system that is in severe decline when you could invest in a new reliable and energy efficient A/C system for the future of your homes comfort? Technology is always improving, and replacing your existing system now will save you those headaches and money now and into the future.

Old Air Conditioning unitsSECOND is your air conditioning system old? The main factor to keep in mind is the age of your system. Even if your air conditioning system doesn’t require the frequent repairs, just keep in mind it will need to be replaced eventually. While you’re pushing to get a couple more years out of it, consulting with Western Mechanical about the replacement of your equipment will help you understand the new technology and efficiencies they have to offer. If there are any signs that your AC won’t last long, it’s better to replace it before it breaks down and leaves you uncomfortable in your own home.

New efficient Air Conditioning unit


THIRD is your air conditioning system energy efficient? Efficiency is a major consideration for today’s homeowners more than ever before. The older air conditioning systems lack the efficiency ratings you need in your home, and by upgrading yours air conditioning system, you will save a substantial amounts of money in the long run on your utility bill.

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