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Commercial Heating & Cooling Services

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Building Automation & Energy Control Solutions

Today’s commercial environments, is balance between building efficiency and occupant comfort to provide the highest satisfaction for our customers.

Every factor comes into play on a daily basis, as facility managers try to maintain the fine line between lowering consumption cost while providing optimum comfort for the building occupants. Western Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning can help you integrate smart building solutions into the planning of new facilities, retrofitting to an existing site, or upgrading your current systems in a way that optimizes your return on investment.

Western Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning along with American Auto-Matrix delivers scalable, front-end building automation solutions, open protocol building controls, and cloud-based energy analytic tools to meet the need of today’s high-performance, green-conscious commercial facilities.

Schools & Campuses

Efficiency in heating and air conditioning in the educational systems can produce substantial economic, energy, and environmental benefits.

As elementary through college campuses continue to expand size and attendance, so do their energy costs along with its efficiency. Seasonal occupancy, changing schedules of facility use and productivity to quality learning are all challenges school administrators and facilities managers face.

By having Western Mechanical’s certified technicians install, a web-enabled Building Automation system from American Auto-Matrix to a campus or school district, all HVAC equipment can be easily adjusted according to weather conditions as well as tenant-specified comfort levels. Occupancy and set-point values for classrooms, conference rooms, gymnasiums, etc. can be adjust remotely with everyday software like Microsoft Outlook or with mobile devices in the hands of facility managers. Upgrades to HVAC equipment can help schools reduce operating costs and environmental impacts. Also, may qualify them for rebates and incentives offered by local Energy Business Solutions programs or utility providers.

Western Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning is one of the Retailers located here in New Mexico to help profitability and reduce carbon emissions by implementing energy-saving initiatives.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are among the largest energy consumers in the country. As higher demands and extended uptime lead to higher energy consumption for every hospital, clinic, and healthcare building, now is the best time and opportunity for facility managers to optimize and increase their energy savings.

Whether you are seeking an upgrade to an existing system, or looking to install a system-wide solution, Western Mechanical heating & Air conditioning along with American Auto-Matrix Controls offer the services and needs to meet both the HVAC and energy saving needs of today’s healthcare facilities.


Avg Annual Hospital Spending on Energy

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Retail Buildings

Retail buildings are accountable for the highest usage of energy costs in the United States, as well as being the 2nd largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for nearly $20 billion annually. Regardless if you are operating a 100,000 sq. ft mixed retail location or smaller individual multi-site properties, Western Mechanical with American Auto-Matrix controls can implement custom solutions to monitor and analyze your energy consumption.

Our cloud-based solutions offer an effective management of 100’s and 1000’s of sites, helping energy executives assure efficient operation and identifying building and equipment issues quickly.

Smart Building Solutions for Everyone

Regardless if you are operating a 300,000 sq. ft mixed retail building or a franchise of storefronts, Western Mechanical along with American Auto-Matrix controls can implement custom solutions to monitor and analyze your energy consumption. A continuously growing network of Solution Integrators worldwide have helped countless facilities across the globe manage their building controls and energy management needs with American Auto-Matrix controls. With the expertise of Western Mechanical’s technicians and installation personnel all your heating and cooling needs could be at the tip of your finger!

We look forward to having you not only as a customer but a friend, to help make your company the best energy efficient and lowest consumption of energy on the planet. Together we can make a difference.

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