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Western Mechanical Heating Tip: Protect Your Family and pets from Carbon Monoxide

Albuquerque New Mexico Carbon Monoxide

If you are looking for Western Mechanical heating tips, contact Western any time. We have service agreements for routine maintenance to keep your heating system working properly throughout the winter, to ensure its heating your home safely. It’s extremely important that your heating system is checked so we can check for carbon monoxide and other safety hazards.

Here are some causes of carbon monoxide and what to do to protect your family and pets.

It’s extremely important that you have a carbon monoxide detector in your home, it’s always a good idea that you make sure the carbon monoxide detector is working properly. The heat exchanger is the major part of your furnace it transfers heat from your furnace through your ductwork throughout the home with the help of your blower, a wall heater can also produce carbon monoxide If the heat exchanger is damaged or cracked, the carbon monoxide will start mixing with the heated air that is being used to heat your home. If you ever notice lightheaded, confusion, vertigo, headaches or flu like systems and you walk outside into the fresh air and you start feeling better there’s a good possibility you may have carbon monoxide poisoning. If you’re heating system hasn’t been checked or serviced in a while, call Western Mechanical for a routine maintenance contract or service so that the technician can inspect the heat exchanger and check for carbon monoxide.

Here are a few things to look for, if you have a standing pilot light and the pilot keeps going out and you’ve replaced the thermocouple and you notice that every time the furnace turns off your pilot light blows out it may be the case of a cracked heat exchanger,  if you notice the flames are starting to roll outside of the heat exchanger when the blower comes on, this also may be the result of a crack in the heat exchanger as well the pilot light has gone out. There could be a draft problem or problem with the igniter. Remember thermocouple is a safety feature that shuts off the flow of gas to your furnace when there’s a problem to protect you your family and your home. So don’t put you or your family in danger by not having your furnace serviced!

No matter how small or big your heating repairs are giving the experts at Western Mechanical a call. We have lots of experience working with all types of gas furnaces. Call us today to learn more on how you can protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.