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Western Mechanical Heating Tip: Why is My Furnace Making That Noise?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Make sure your furnace installation is done by a qualified licensed professional. Preventive maintenance is very important to help keep your furnace operating efficiently and effectively throughout the winter. Even with a thorough service inspection, problems do occur. There’s nothing more frustrating to a home owner when the furnace doesn’t work and strange noises are coming from the furnace.

At Western mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning we like to remind homeowners that noises from your furnace could be caused by a dirty blower wheel that has a buildup of dirt and lint causing it to be unbalanced or just the  normal wear and tear, or it could be a manufacture defect, if you hear a buzzing noise coming from your furnace it may be the transformer. The majority of the time a few minor adjustments will take care of it, But this doesn’t mean you should ignore the little noises or problems your having with your furnace, let one of Western Mechanicals trained service technicians take a look at your furnace. Don’t let a small problem become a major problem and cost you more money in the end. Here are a few examples of common furnace problems and their causes.

Many homeowners may notice the blower is running and no heat then it shuts off and try’s to restart again, you look and you don’t see that orange glow like you did at one time. It may be due to the hot surface igniter failing or one of the safeties may have tripped causing your furnace not to come on or just blow cold air, another problem you might come across is the furnace will run for a few minutes turn off then restart  doing this several times, this may be the result  of a dirty flame sensor or dirty filter, worst case a bad  circuit board or blower motor, another problem you may see is the inducer motor that pulls the flue gases and flames through the heat exchanger runs and runs but no flame, this could be that the pressure switch did not close because it has failed or it wasn’t vented correctly. Call Western Mechanical and talk to one of our service technicians. Those little problems should be dealt with right away before it turns into a major problem. So be sure to call us the moment you have cause for concern. Paying attention to your furnace is a great way to keep it operating safely.

When you notice strange noises coming from your furnace it’s always best to call a professional. As you can see, we gave you a few possible causes to these sounds. A service technician from Western Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning can determine if it’s a real cause for concern.

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